Combat Rules

Shock, terror, and some paranormal abilities may release Essence points from Cast Members. This can cause real problems.

For those who want to roleplay the mental exhaustion caused by the stress of combat, another drain on Essence may be employed. In stressful noncombat situations, such as hiding out in the woods as the Reticulan probe psibot searches for them, Pre-Heroic and Heroic characters lose D4 Essence points an hour, and no Essence is regained during that time.

Talented characters suffer the same loss but regain their Willpower in Essence per hour, offsetting that loss.

In a combat situation, two Essence points are lost per Turn for ranged combat, and three points per Turn for close combat.

Endurance Points measure a character’s ability to resist fatigue after extended exertions. Hard work, such as actively avoiding NDD patrols for long periods of time, drains one Endurance Point every ten minutes. Very hard labor (running at top speed while encumbered) drains two Endurance Points per minute. Bursts of frenzied activity, such as close combat, drain Endurance at a higher rate, burning as much as two points in one Turn.

Combat Rules

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