Clearance: MJ1

Subject: Orientation

The mission of the National Defense Directorate (NDD) is the protection of the United States of America and the lofty ideals for which it stands. To the last man, its operatives are dedicated to that one true mission.

While the uninitiated might call the NDD an organization of conspirators or protest that it does not follow the letter of this country’s laws, they would be incorrect. The Directorate acts under the authority granted it many years ago by President Harry Truman. It was his foresight that perceived the need for this organization.

Under his authority, several acts and orders are now in place to allow the NDD to pursue his vision. Directorate operatives are not merely citizens of this country; they are among its greatest patriots. They are wholly devoted to this country and its ideals. Great passion, belief in the organization’s mission, and superior psychological training have helped to form NDD agents into the dedicated servants of this land and its Constitution.

As an organization, the NDD commands an army of highly trained and motivated individuals. At its disposal are the greatest scientific minds the world has to offer. It has created and maintains weapons of espionage and war years ahead of those any private corporation or other government agency can access. It is this edge that allows it to act with precision and force and to leave little trace of its actions for opponents and detractors to find.

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Divisional Breakdown

Division One: Intelligence and Analysis
Division Two: Technological Research & Development (R&D)
Division Three: Espionage and Infiltration
Division Four: Security
Division Five: Recruitment and Training (RAT)

National Defense Directorate