Weapons and Accessories

Majestic Clearance 3 approved. Welcome operative…

Security Rating: MJ1 minimum
Black Kat: Standard issue sidearm for the NDD, the Black Kat resembles a sleek version of the Ruger P91 pistol with an extended barrel. It is a fully automatic weapon capable of selective fire: semi-automatic, three round bursts, or full auto, which empties the clip as long as the trigger is held down. The gun has an extended magazine that holds 24 bullets.
RP Cost: 1 Quantity: 1 Black Kat and 5,000 rounds.
Statistics: Range 3/15/30/100/200, Damage D6 x 6 or 18, Cap 24, EV 2, Capable of burst and automatic fire

Security Rating: MJ3 minimum
Eagle-2 Sniper Rifle: Loosely resembling an M87 ELR Sniper rifle with an oversized magazine, the Eagle-2 fires a .50 caliber bullet propelled by an electrothermal charge, generated by a powercell contained in the magazine. It has an extremely long range, can support any scope attachment, and comes with a bipod mount. Its projectiles are armor-piercing. It is the NDD’s precision long-range sniping weapon, and is also capable of dealing with medium and light vehicles. Due to the nature of its electrical propellant, it is almost completely silent (-8 penalty to Perception tests to hear). At distances less than 200 yards, an unusual muzzle flash and a muffled crack (even silenced, the bullet is supersonic) are easily heard.
RP Cost: 5 Quantity: 1 Eagle-2 and 5,000 rounds.
Statistics: Range 15/75/250/1200/2500, Damage D10 x 6 or 30, Cap 10 EV 28

Security Rating: MJ1 minimum
Faerie Dust Grenade: This grenade releases a cloud of dense, light-refracting crystals in a 20-meter by 10-meter area. The crystals are toxic, and breathing them causes severe respiratory damage (6 damage per round unprotected and in cloud). Energy weapons refract if used within or discharged into this cloud, rendering them effectively useless. Conventional radar and GPS technology likewise are jammed. The cloud normally remains coherent for 12 minutes, but is affected by wind conditions, which accelerate its dissipation. After an hour, the crystals simply decompose.
RP Cost: 1 Quantity: 1

Security Rating: MJ1 minimum
Somna Grenade: Essentially a gas grenade, the somna creates a yellow gas cloud in a 20-meter by 10-meter area. Anyone breathing in this cloud must make a Difficult Constitution test or fall unconscious for 1D6 x 10 or 30 minutes. There are no harmful side effect (headaches,
nausea, etc.), except for a slight drowsiness.
RP Cost: 1 Quantity: 1

Security Rating: MJ3 minimum
Breach Grenade: The breach grenade is filled with an enzymatic solvent capable of dissolving most substances. Designed for use in gaining entry into secured areas, field agents quickly discovered the grenade’s more offensive capabilities (as they watched a tank slowly melt). The explosion covers a three-meter radius. Anything living caught inside the radius takes 25 damage each round for five rounds. The chart nearby shows the various deterioration times for other materials. Following the explosion and five rounds of deterioration, the solvent becomes inert and can be touched.
RP Cost: 5 Quantity: 3
Breach Grenade Deterioration Chart

  • Wood and cloth: 4 cubic meters/turn
  • Plastic: 3 cubic meters/turn
  • Concrete: 2 cubic meters/turn
  • Steel/glass: 1 cubic meter/turn
  • Reinforced steel: 0.5 cubic meters/turn
  • Dense metals: 0.25 cubic meters/turn

Majestic Clearance 4 or higher required to view restricted material

Weapons and Accessories

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