Jet Propelled Personal Conveyance, Security Rating: MJ3 minimum
Speed: 3 Handling: -1t Size: 1 Crew: 1 Passengers: 0
The “Jetti” is a backpack harness that allows the wearer to travel up to 75 meters high at speeds up to 120 mph. The Jetti does not actually use jets, but a complex gravitic drive for lift, and a miniature pulse detonation engine for speed and direction. The harness can support
up to 300 lbs. The power source must be recharged at one of three base facilities, including Dulce, and lasts for two hours of continuous flight. The device is piloted using the Pilot: Jetpack skill
RP Cost: 10 Quantity 1

Black Helicopters
These helicopters are the backbone of the NDD, affording its agents both fast transportation and quick extraction. In appearance, these helicopters are little different from a regular military copter; the difference lies in its technology.

The black helicopters are made from a super-tensile fiber fuselage stretched over a tri-steel skeleton (Ar5). Its jet engines are state-of-the-art. A sound buffering encasement allows the black helicopters to run in silent mode, although to maintain the appearance of normalcy this is rarely done. Additionally, a biomimetic sheath coats the fuselage; when engaged, it allows the black helicopter to blend into its surroundings (+2Df to vision related Perception checks). Two different types of black helicopter are detailed below.

Raven Stealth Copter, Security Rating: MJ4 minimum
Speed: 4 Handling: +2t Size: 7 Crew: 2 Passengers: 8
The black helicopter of legend, the Raven is the most frequently used aerial transport. It can carry eight men in its hold. The Raven is armed with one heavy machine gun in a chin mount. The machine gun is equipped with a laser-targeting sight, providing +2t against targets within the weapon’s effective range, and traditionally loaded with armor-piercing rounds. The gun can be fired by either the pilot or copilot.
RP Cost: 10 Quantity: 1

Ghost Surveillance Copter, Security Rating: MJ5 minimum
Speed: 4 Handling: +2t Size: 7 Crew: 3 Passengers: 0
As the name implies, this chopper was designed for surveillance work. It seats a crew of three only. It has a parabolic array, and imaging equipment to allow it to keep tabs on intended targets from up to two kilometers (provided line of sight is available). Infrared sensors and spotlights, as well as standard starlight scopes, allow the Ghost to conduct surveillance operations normally under cover of darkness. Finally, it carries TEMPEST equipment identical to that found in the NSA’s Magic Vans. With enough lead time, the Ghost’s standard package can be switched with milliwave and microwave cameras.
RP Cost: 15 Quantity: 1

Black Manta, Security Rating: MJ5 minimum
Speed: 6 Handling: +2t Size: 8 Crew: 2 Passengers: 12
The Black Manta is the result of R&D’s research into the EBE-altered TD-121 jet/pulse detonation fighter. The Manta is primarily a troop transport. It is a streamlined aircraft with the most advanced stealth technologies available. Painted flat black, the Black Manta appears not unlike the sea creature for which it is named.

The aircraft has three vectored-thrust turbofan engines that provide it with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capability as well as nearly silent flight power. For times when more speed is needed, the Manta has two pulsedetonation engines that the NDD backward-engineered from those on the TD-121. The Manta’s engines are nearly identical to those found on Aegis’ Aurora aircraft— not surprising, since that unauthorized agency pirated the design from the wreckage of a Manta.

While using the turbofan engines, the Manta’s impressive array of electronic countermeasures make it extraordinarily difficult to detect. Although not as effective as the EBE-enhanced TD-121, the Manta’s defenses still impose a +1Df penalty on any attempt to locate it through traditional means (radar, infrared, sound, etc.).

However, when operating in “stealth” mode, the turbofans limit it to Speed 5. The Black Manta also carries six ECM pods to counter missile threats. Like the TD-121, the Manta is completely TEMPEST and EMP hardened. The aircraft is not intended for air-to-air combat, relying on its speed, countermeasures, and maneuverability to avoid conflicts. As such, it is armed with a single pop-up turret mounted holding twin 20mm autocannons on its underbelly, which is used mainly in a ground support role. The Manta’s stealth shielding covers a Tri-steel fuselage (Ar5).

The Black Manta can carry up to twelve armed troops with their personal gear and an additional 50 cubic feet of equipment, or cargo totaling no more than two tons and/or 300 cubic feet. To ease loading and unloading of cargo or troops, the Manta is equipped with a powered cargo ramp.
RP Cost: 20 Quantity: 1


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