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It is time to put your skills to work in ultimate service of this great nation, to fight the forces that are trying to subvert our way of life. It is time for you to take on a supreme responsibility, to become part of the unseen hand that guides America’s destiny. I pray that each of you will accept this burden of silence, and bear it with pride and honor, secure in the fellowship of the Directorate.

Now repeat after me. My first loyalty is to the Directorate and, through it, the United States of America. I will follow the orders of his superiors without exception or question. I will maintain the confidentiality of the mission and the Directorate at all costs. I am always prepared to sacrifice all for the cause of the Directorate. I must protect the interests of the United States of America and its citizens.

NDD operatives start out with 15 points for Attributes, 20 points for Qualities (and up to 10 points in Drawbacks), and 35 points for skills. Operatives may not purchase the following qualities and drawbacks: addiction, amnesia, atlantean nanotech, corrupted by the supernatural, emotional problems, notoriety, official identity (dead), physical disability, or supernatural focus.

Determine which division your character has been assigned to and pick a NDD-specific Profession from within it:

Division One: Intelligence and Analysis

Intelligence Analysis Coordinator: analyze raw data, and uncover trends
Project BACKYARD Researcher: studies foreign governments for alien involvement or infiltration
Project BREASTPLATE Specialist: Specialists study intelligence on EBE movements and activities
Project HEARST Operative: distort media reports to either discredit or alter any security threatening story that has been uncovered
Project LOKI Analyst: monitor all transmissions from potentially threatening organizations
Project RAT TRAP Specialist: coordinates activities with foreign agencies

Division Three: Espionage and Infiltration

Controller: is responsible for conditioning the Sleeper
Listener: is trained by IA in all aspects of electronic surveillance and bugs the Sleeper’s home, work place and other locations for monitoring purposes.
Surgical Specialist: in charge of the implantation of monitoring devices in the Sleeper

Division Four: Security

Aerospace Interdiction Specialist: although they seldom see field actions, they are truly the best “space marines” humanity has to offer
Extraction and Clean-Up Cleaner: cover up any NDD presence
Extraction and Clean-Up Extractor: ensure that all NDD operatives return home safely
MiB Conflict Specialist: expertly trained of several forms of combat and responsible for resolving any situation that places the team in danger
MiB Forensics Technician: responsible for securing a scene and determining whether the origins of a disturbance are supernatural, alien, or mundane.
MiB Liason: conduct routine interviews and work with Hybrid MiB teams on outbound missions

Division Seven: Psychological and Paranormal Studies (P&P)

PARRES Technician: the rare NDD occult researcher
PSIRES Operative: special psychic agents, often recruited from Project METAHUMAN

New Qualities: Gna-Tall 15 points, Heavy Indoctrination 2 points, Majestic Clearance 2 points per level, and Metahuman 5 points

New Drawbacks: Judas Switch 2 points, Psychological Problems (Detached) varies, and Sentinel Implant (all NDD operatives receive this drawback and the watched drawbacks for free)

Note: All NDD operatives are under constant surveillance, generally for the purpose of maintaining NDD security; however, no aspect of any operative’s life can be considered to be secret. If any activity on the operative’s part is perceived and reported as suspicious, he has a chance of being investigated by the DSS within three days of the activity. In such cases, the individual is usually turned over to an internal security agent for debriefing.

Main Page

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