Seth Vandermeer

Men in Black Conflict Specialist


Life Points: 50
Endurance Points: 32
Speed 18
Essence: 20

Strength 3, Dexterity 5, Constitution 4
Intelligence 2, Perception 4, Willpower 2

Hard to Kill 4
Majestic Clearance 5
Nerves of Steel
Official Identity (No Records)
Resources (Middle Class)

Heavy Indoctrination
Judas Switch
Obligation (Total)
Psychological Problems (Extreme Cruelty)
Psychological Problems (Extreme Zealot)
Psychological Problems (Severe Emotional Detachment)
Sentinel Implant

Skills: Computers 2, Demolitions 2, Dodge 2, Driving (Cars) 3, Electronic Surveillance 2, First Aid 2, Guns (Handgun) 4, Intimidation 2, Martial Arts 3, Notice 1, Questioning 1, Research/Investigation 2, Smooth Talking 2, Stealth 3, Surveillance 2, Tracking 2, Traps 2

Pulling Strings:
Base Clearance


Seth was recruited from the ranks of the U.S. Army Rangers after several tours of duty in Afghanistan. He has a good working relationship with the alien Man in Black John Buchannan, and they have developed a mutual respect that Seth believes he can count on. His emotions have worn a little flat from extended contact with non-human personnel, and Seth has a tendency to come off a little fake even when he’s off duty.

Mr. Vandermeer job usually entails protecting the other members of his Men in Black team. As conflict specialist, his job is to resolve conflicts whether by social engineering or violence. When avoiding violence, he usually threatens witnesses with imprisonment on trumped up charges of treason but he seldom avoids violence. He is basically a sociopath.

Seth Vandermeer

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