Sergent Jim Romberger

USACIDC Special Agent


Life Points: 42
Endurance Points: 32
Speed 12
Essence: 20

Strength 3, Dexterity 4, Constitution 2
Intelligence 3, Perception 4, Willpower 4

Hard to Kill 4
Majestic Clearance 1
Military (Influence) 1
Military Rank 2

Deep Sleeper 2
Obligation (Extreme)
Psychological Problem (Mild Laziness) 1
Sentinel Implant
Unattractive 1

Skills: Brawling 3, Bureaucracy 1, Computers 2, Dodge 4, Driving (Cars) 4, First Aid 2, Guns (Handgun) 4, Guns (Assault Rife) 4, Humanities (Law Enforcement) 2, Intimidation 2, Notice 3, Questioning 5, Research/Investigation 3, Smooth Talking 3, Sport (Football) 3, Weight Lifting 3

Pulling Strings:
Base Clearance


Sergent Jim Romberger is a Military Special Agent of the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command. He was recently recruited into the National Defense Directorate which he believes is a top secret branch of the U.S. Army Intelligence. He has been assigned to escort a NDD Men in Black team, adding to their cover story and provide support as needed.

Jim gets the feeling that the senior agents are keeping him in the dark, and he is resentful of the fact but isn’t inclined to do much about it other than the occasional grumbling when his superiors are out of ear shot.

Sergent Jim Romberger

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